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If you’ve got teeth that are discolored, misshapen, or cracked, you might be a good candidate for veneers. These tooth covers slide over your existing tooth to create a natural look and hide imperfections. If you live in the Frisco, Texas area, come to Lee Dental to see if you’re a good candidate for this cosmetic procedure. Dr. Clyde Lee and Dr. Julie Lee will consult with you about veneers.


Who is a candidate for veneers?

Everyone’s mouth is different and whether or not you’re a candidate for veneers depends on your desired smile outcome. Come into the offices of Lee Dental for an honest consultation, try on veneers, and see if the smile you want is actually possible.

People who often seek veneers have:

  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Extremely worn down teeth
  • Large gaps between teeth
  • Teeth with bulges, craters, or other misalignments
  • Discolored teeth that can’t be corrected with whitening treatments

Why are veneers a good choice?

Veneers offer a natural appearance and can create a uniform look to your smile. The porcelain is unlikely to irritate your gums and the surface is resistant to staining. Veneers require less invasive work and shaping than other cosmetic solutions, such as crowns.

How are veneers applied?

Before veneers are applied, the dentist will remove less than a millimeter of your enamel to make room for the porcelain covering. This ensures that your teeth remain about the same size and your bite stays true. You may need to be numbed during this part of the process.

First, a bonding glue is painted on your teeth and then the veneers are applied, using a specialized light to activate the adhesive. Next, the dentist removes excess glue, polishes your “new” teeth, and evaluates your bite, making corrections if they’re necessary.

How long does the process take?

Plan on two or three visits for a veneer application. Your first visit is a consultation and the second visit is the preparation and application. You’ll need a third visit sometime after the application to ensure that the veneers feel and look the way you want them to.

How long do veneers last?

Depending on how you care for them, they’ll last for seven to 15 years. You’ll need to replace them to keep a consistent look.

Do I have to do anything special to care for veneers?

Good dental habits should keep your teeth, including the veneers, looking and feeling good. Be sure to brush and floss daily. Although veneers are stain resistant, you might still want to avoid foods that cause discoloration, such as red wine and coffee.