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Wisdom teeth may make you feel anything but wise. These molars, which usually appear between the ages of 17 and 21, often need to be removed because they cause pain or there’s no room for them in your mouth. Dr. Clyde Lee of Lee Dental in Frisco, Texas, makes the process of wisdom tooth extraction smooth and stress-free.

Wisdom Teeth

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are your third set of molars, and when they align correctly and there’s room for them in your mouth, they’re just extra molars that help you chew. They appear on both the upper and lower jaw and get their name from the more mature time of life at which they usually appear.

In many people, the wisdom teeth are a source of grief causing pain, discomfort, and dental complications.

What are the signs that my wisdom teeth may cause a problem?

You may notice pain in your mouth, headaches -- even migraines -- and ache in your jaw. Sometimes wisdom teeth issues are caught when Dr. Lee does X-rays or when he examines your teeth. You may have problems if your wisdom teeth are:

  • Being pushed too close together and cause crowding and the inability to floss
  • Partially erupted, so they serve as a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and decay
  • Impacted and forming cysts
  • Growing in crooked, which can lead to food becoming trapped and cause serious decay

In general, if your wisdom teeth are causing pain, infection, cysts, or are damaging other teeth, it’s time to get them removed.

What happens if I keep my wisdom teeth?

You may choose to keep wisdom teeth if they aren’t causing an immediate problem. Dr. Lee will continue to monitor them at regular visits, as they can cause problems later, including greater risk of decay and cysts. Be especially vigilant about keeping wisdom teeth clean and flossed.

If I decide to have my wisdom teeth removed, what is the procedure like?

If your wisdom teeth have broken through the surface of the skin, you’ll have them removed while under local anesthesia. Impacted teeth require a slightly more extensive procedure that requires IV sedation or general anesthesia. Talk to Dr. Lee about his particular recommendation given your situation.

Following the extraction, you’ll be sent home with instructions. You’ll be given medications to deal with the pain. In addition, you may want to apply ice packs to lessen any swelling. Expect it to take several days or up to a week or two to fully recover.