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It's More Than Just A Teeth Cleaning

We understand oral health is more than just having your teeth cleaned.  When you attend your six month check-up, we perform a complete oral health assessment.  At this visit we take x-rays, complete an oral cancer screening, a periodontal screening and a teeth cleaning. 

Much like going to the doctor for a wellness visit, we evaluate your overall health.  Our bodies are complex systems, and your mouth is a part of that system.  Why treat it any different? 


X-rays are ordered so our providers can check the general health of your teeth/jaw bones and gingival health.  X-rays also allow us to see cavities in between your teeth, something the doctor cannot see with the naked eye.

Oral Cancer Screening

A visual oral cancer screening is completed at every check-up.  This includes checking for any changes or abnormalities in the soft tissues of the tongue and mouth and the lymph nodes surrounding the oral cavity and in the neck.   

Teeth Cleaning and Periodontal Screening

A teeth cleaning and periodontal screening is done by a registered dental hygienist.  They remove the tartar and stain that develops in places our toothbrush and floss cannot remove at home.  During the periodontal screening, measurements of the space between your teeth and gum tissue are charted.  These measurements help detect signs of gum disease. 

We encourage you to schedule your check-up if you have not already.  Because we don't just clean your teeth, we also evaluate signs of bone health changes, oral cancer and gum disease.  If you have more questions about our practice, contact our office to schedule an appointment at (972) 712-9000 or book online.

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