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Top 4 Reasons To Schedule Wisdom Teeth Removal In The Summer

Top 4 Reasons To Schedule Wisdom Teeth Removal In The Summer


1.  No Missed Classes

Removing your child from school means missed school work, especially if your child is away for school.  Scheduling wisdom teeth removal on their summer break will allow them to stay on track and focus during the school semester.  

2.  Misalignment & Overcrowding 

Wisdom teeth can cause other teeth to become misaligned and overcrowded.  You may have already been told by your child's orthodontist, removing their wisdom teeth is a good idea to prevent future crowding.  Don't risk loosing that beautiful smile!  

3.  Summer Gives Teens Time To Recover

Enjoy the summer break while eating the appropriate diet while healing.  Ice cream, popsicles and frozen yogurt are all approved foods after surgery!  Just remember, no straws for those smoothies!  Relaxed summer schedules allow your children to heal properly without the hustle and bustle of school and sports.  

4.  No Sitting On The Sidelines

For those hardworking athletes, avoid the frustration of watching from the sidelines.  Wisdom teeth removal can take up to one week of recovery time.  During recovery, we tell our patients little to no activity the first 72 hours after surgery.  Each patient has a different recovery time frame, so plan ahead!


What's the first step?  Contact our office at (972) 712-9000 to schedule a consult.  We will take an x-ray to evaluate the presence and alignment of your wisdom teeth.  Once we have evaluated, a course of action can be determined and we will address any questions you may have.  

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