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Brighten Your Smile With a Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

Brighten Your Smile With a Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

As every child reaching for a crayon knows, teeth are white, right? In fact, they’re not, typically leaning to the gray and yellow side even before you consider the effects of foods like blueberries and beverages like red wine and coffee. Even the aging process nudges the color of your teeth toward the darker side. 

Yet, popular culture gave us the notion of a bright white Hollywood smile and it’s an appealing standard. It’s also accessible with a visit to Lee Dental in Frisco, Texas. We use the Zoom! 2™ whitening system from Philips, a light-activated whitening treatment that’s popular around the world. There’s simply no whitening option that produces better results than a professional in-office teeth whitening treatment.

The dulling down of tooth enamel

Even when your first adult teeth appear, they feature your unique shade, which is rarely, if ever, a perfect white. This has to do with genetics and factors like enamel thickness and the natural color of dentin, the dense and hard material beneath the enamel, which shows through the translucent enamel. As you get older, enamel naturally thins, revealing more color from the dentin layer. 

On top of these issues comes the realities of food staining. Brightly colored berries, rich tomato sauce, delicious red wine, refreshing colas, and that satisfying morning coffee can all leave behind traces that dull down the whiteness of your smile. Tooth enamel is porous and colored foods and drinks can penetrate and leave permanent reminders. 

Tobacco use, overexposure to fluoride, and tetracycline antibiotics can also discolor teeth. Your already off-white teeth show the signs of life and living. 

The advantages of professional teeth whitening

You’re hardly alone in your desire for a brighter smile. A visit to any pharmacy reveals a wide range of consumer teeth whitening products. Perhaps you’ve tried some, likely with disappointing results. Many whitening products use bleaches that have the potential to damage your teeth and gums. For that reason, over-the-counter whitening products have safety features that limit their effectiveness. 

Professional strength whitening bleaches like those used in our office depend on trained and experienced staff who routinely perform whitening procedures. This permits the safe use of bleaches many times stronger than those available in your pharmacy. 

We use the Zoom! 2 system, which activates the bleaching formula after application with a specially-designed light. This increases the speed of the bleaching reaction so your whitening session is shorter. One of the most popular in-office whitening systems, Zoom! 2 doesn’t permanently increase tooth sensitivity as some competitive products do. 

We even offer a range of at-home kits to extend the benefits of your teeth whitening treatment. Your teeth remain vulnerable to stain-producing foods and drinks, but with regular dental cleanings and diligent at-home care, your whitening session could last a year or more, brightening your teeth between 6 and 10 times whiter than your natural shade. 

Next to adding dental veneers, professional teeth whitening is the quickest way to a dramatically whiter smile. Contact Lee Dental by phone or online to schedule your session today. 

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